5 Best Packing Tips – How To Pack For A House Move

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Are you looking for house moving tips to move everything without breaking your bank? Moving can be the biggest household task and the thought of it makes people overwhelm. Whether you are downsizing or upsizing, usually we keep on moving house several times. With the tips discussed here, you can get a head start to make the mammoth process simple.

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You should start packing the non-day-to-day items to reduce your workload when your moving date arrives. Moving a whole house inventory is tough, you will thank yourself later for being organized. Fix a firm date of your move. Estimate the total volume of items you wish to move. You may use our Volume Calculator to get an estimate.

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If you require storage, arrange it now! Arrange transit and/or storage insurance for your belongings. Arrange your travel plans for moving day – if you’re moving long distance, you may need to book a hotel or other accommodation. If required, book time off work. Arrange moving materials such as boxes, packing tape, rope, newspapers (for wrapping) and marking pens.

Start packing with items and clothing which are least important. Make a list of items packed on the outside of the box. Notify utility companies (electricity, gas, water, TV, telephone & internet) to arrange a date and time for disconnection of services where necessary and resumption at new property. If you require storage, arrange it now! Arrange transit and/or storage insurance for your belongings.

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Arrange for someone to look after kids on a moving day. Check and update insurance policies. Prepare a list of the items you want the removalist to move and any items you will be moving. If you have pets, organize care for them during the moving day and make necessary pet transport arrangements – ensure your pets have tags with your mobile or new phone number on them.

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Clean your home! Start redirection of your mail with Australia Post. You can do this online at the Australia Post website. If there is any hazardous waste start to dispose of it. Empty your freezer and pantry. Defrost the freezer before moving it. By this time you should be checking if most of your work is done or not.

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Terminate services such as mowing service, newspapers and other home delivery services. Ensure arrangement with utility companies. Keep all your important documents such as passports, driver’s licence in a safe place. Keep all your moving related documents together. Complete your packing – ensure that all boxes are correctly labelled with contents and rooms.

At the time of packing your items, if you are left with piles of rubbish, take it to the nearest tip or a transfer station (Or ask Move My Stuff to do it for you). Ensure the packing of your computer (if you can do without it for that long!).

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Pack it in the original box, if possible, otherwise, wrap in blankets and transport it carefully. Start to pack items you will need in first few hours in your new home – This may include tea or coffee, biscuits or snacks, kettle, mugs and teaspoons, water bottle, snacks, milk, small first aid kit, toilet paper, a torch, spare light bulbs, paper towels and cleaning materials.

You will be busy at this time so you can hire a cleaner to finish the scrubbing and vacuuming for you. Beds and linen should be kept in a separate box that travels with you so you can use them on the first night. Ensure the non-functioning of remaining appliances.

Arrange the final payment ready for your removalist. Make sure that you read the removalist document thoroughly before signing and save it for future reference. Just be there in the home until the last item is packed and make an inspection of the vehicle to check all your goods are loaded.

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Don’t forget to have the keys to your new home with you. Make sure you Keep all your valuables, personal items and important papers with you so they don’t get lost. Cross check all items during unloading and unpacking – ensure that no items are damaged or lost during the move.

Work right from the essentials such as making the beds and cleaning the kitchen for use. It may be possible that you require the help of professionals for carpet cleaning or window washing. Try to Keep the pets away until you are moved in. Check out which day is your garbage and recycling collection day.

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Get the registration done at the local library. Try to familiarize your pets to the new area as quickly as possible so they don’t try to find their old place. Where is the closest off-leash area? Try to find new routes to go to places from your new home – you will definitely find some handy shortcuts.

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Update your driver’s license and/or car registration with a new address. If you are satisfied with the services of removalist, refer them to your friends and families. Hope the above tips on moving house will help you to move successfully. To assist you further, we have an interstate moving cost calculator to give you an idea about the cost when moving interstate.

So the faster you can finish packing, the sooner you can move out to your apartment. The first thing to do is start packing and moving your boxes early. Make a plan for the moving process to go quickly. Gather different size boxes and packing tape to avoid unnecessary trips to the store.